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The examination is a complete visual inspection of the oral cavity along with any necessary x-rays. Screening for oral cancer and periodontal disease is part of the exam.

Cleaning is a preventative procedure that is important to have done every 6 months, more often for certain individuals.

Root Canal
When the pulp that is inside the tooth becomes infected, it cannot repair itself. Years ago, extraction was the only option. Today, through endodontics, or root canal therapy these teeth can be saved.
Minor cavities can be restored with either silver or white (tooth Colored) fillings. This type of treatment is a good way of correcting a small problem before it becomes a bigger problem.
When too much of a tooth is decayed or broken away, it is best when restored with a crown. A crown is typically fabricated with porcelain (a tooth colored material) or gold.
When single or multiple teeth are missing, they can be replaced with either fixed or removable bridges.

Silent Nite

Your Dentist can treat your snoring!

Silent Nite

Dentist Prescribed Snoring Prevention Device.

Silent Nite devices do not interfere with breathing through the mouth. Even in cases of congested nasal passages the device prevents snoring and allows uninhibited oral breathing.

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